Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's been a while~

Everything has been going pretty good on my end of the spectrum.
Community College is going swell and am currently working on
an animation for my second project in the class. The first
project was a one page essay on a comparison of two type of
computers. I decided to do net book vs laptop. This is the essay:

You've probably heard of those new small and
portable laptops called "Net books." They are used
primarily for surfing the web and doing simple tasks,
such as taking notes and editing.

If you were going for a faster processor or a
computer for gaming, I would get a laptop. There are
big differences between them; for instance, and average
"Net book" (Acer Aspire One) has only 1.66 Ghz processor
speed. This is decent for such a small laptop but the
speed would probably be fairly slow and multitasking
might prove to be very challenging. An average laptop
(Inspiron 15) has 2.2Ghz which is a faster, duel core
processor, so that would be a lot faster and would be
able to play games and multitasking would be smoother.
The cost difference is not even that far apart for these
two completely different devices.

An Acer Aspire One (Net book) is around $300 while
the much superior Laptop (Inspiron 15) is only $200 dollars
more than that at a price of $500 dollars. If you compare
the battery life, processing speed, ability to multitask
and even the keyboard size/screen size, the obvious choice
would be to go for a laptop as opposed to the "Net book",
although the "Net book" would be a good buy if you are a
frequent traveler and need to do quick emails, light gaming
or watching movies. Other than that if you were to buy a "Net book" and use it as "Laptop," I think you would be very disappointed.

I got an A on that paper.

Also If you want to see some of the
new "Lightning Ville" comics please go here:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lightning Ville!

I'm pleased to announce my new comic,
"Lightning Ville!" Made with MS paint,
this pixel comic is a strip by strip,
daily life portrayal of the people
that live in Lighting Ville.(anytown, usa)
Filled with comic mischief, comedy,
drama, and everything else you can
think of, this comic is sure
to be enjoyed by any reader.

Here is the premiere of "Lightning Ville!"

Projects aside, I'm doing okay.
Community College is going as
good as it gets. The class is a little
slow going for me, probably because
I'm fairly skilled with Computers,
and Windows XP (which is the class focus)
but I'm sure it will get harder soon.
The teacher is really cool,
his lectures are interesting
and easy to listen to.
You can tell he is passionate
for the subject just by the way
he talks.

Right now I'm unsure of where
to transfer after I take the free
classes I am taking (Micro Computer Applications)
and I forget which class
I take after this. Honestly
at this point I'm basically
just playing games and
going on FaceBook for the
majority of the class time,
but only because I'm already
done with the work/know the material.

Here's some pictures I took:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cat Vs Bear

^That cats my hero. Well other than my cat, she's the best.
I haven't posted in a while. I've been pretty busy. (kind of)
I started college just a few days ago, and that's cool.
I like it so far because it seems pretty laid back
and the people all seem mature and nice. (not like high school)

I've also been working on that movie I mentioned in the last post,
I've already finished the rough draft and am working on the final draft
as we speak. I almost finished all the concept art also,
and all that's left after that is story boarding, finding voice actors,
voice acting myself, and then finally... animating.
It's a long process indeed.

I expect to have a trailer/promo by summer and it will be
done in December. Why December? Because this is all for
(that's not true this is for me) a contest that is being held on mindstage
The whole point of the contest is to take a year,
and actually make something meaningful, worthwhile,
and take the time to complete it the way you like it.
(unlike rushing my animations)

Monday, January 4, 2010

"Prophecy of Thorn"

"Prophecy of Thorn" Is going to be basically
the longest animation I have ever made,
and a personal challenge to see what I can really do.
It will probably be somewhere between 15-30 minutes.
So I guess you could call it a short film, or "Movie."
It will double as the first "Season" finale of "Elf."

I've been really interested in Lucid Dreaming recently,
and the more I research it the more I want to do it.(again)
I found a very helpful person on that explains
what it is, how it's done, and how to prolong them.
If you don't know what a Lucid Dream is, it's basically a dream,
in which you are aware you are dreaming, and to some extent
control what you do in that dream. I've had one before but it was
a nightmare, not a good time. I want to try it again on my terms.
Here's the guy on youtube:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mind Stage!

What is Mind Stage you might ask?
Well Mind Stage is a great community of
artists and creative minds, who get together
in one place, share art and critique others
as well. Not only that but the people their are great,
almost everyone is extremely talented and love to
create work for others to enjoy. It's really a great
site, you could jump in no problem and feel
right at home. Although courtesy is encouraged.

In other news, Dell, my uncle, decided to
dedicate a whole blog post just for me! I feel honored!
His blog is great, really great and interesting.
You should totally check him out.
Unreliable Narrator(dell's blog)

In other, other news, I finished my Short Film,
called "Robin" Which I made for my mother for her birthday.
She really liked it and I'm happy she did. I worked
pretty hard on it, and if I can say it with out sounding smug,
I think it's the best thing I have made so far.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Here's a link to it:
Robin (A Short Film)

Friday, December 11, 2009


Yeah I haven't really been writing a lot
in the last blog posts, sorry about that.
I just feel like I'll start writing and then
hate what I wrote. It happens a lot.

So I should be going to 4C's (community college) this January,
and I'm pretty excited. I don't know what
classes I'm going to take, but whatever I
choose it's going to be free. Why? Because
I'll probably be getting into a thing called
the "Pact Program" Which let's me take free
college courses. Which is awesome, obviously.

I'll probably end up taking Creative Writing
& Graphic Design, as those are my 2 favorite hobbies and the 2 things I'm actually good at!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009